Boons and Curses by Yugal Joshi

Hey bookish witches & witchings!! Have you read any Indian Mythological books? Raise your hand if you don’t like the way women are portrayed in Indian mythology. It’s so wrong & I feel hopeless when I see it. But not all women legends are shown in that light, though majority are. 

Today’s review is about Boons and Curses by Yugal Joshi. It’s a retelling of the significant lives of the women in the Puranas. The stories are told by Krishna to Kunti, after the War of Kurukshetra has ended in the total destruction of the Kuru clan and unimaginable bloodshed. As Kunti seeks answers from Krishna, he puts her heart at ease by narrating stories of other fearless women in a new light. All the tales told holds the shards of the broken hearts, dreams and aspirations of these women. Anusuya, Surpanakha, Kaikeyi, Sati, Aditi, Diti, Devki, Yashoda, Sanjana, Tara, and many more. Some of the stories are well known and some were pure delights. 

But, as much as I loved this book, I was simply taken aback by the sheer grammatical mistakes in this book and the lack of a seamless storyline. It definitely should have been edited more thoroughly. I really liked the feminist shade the book cast on the stories of these mythological women, but I also think the book didn’t deliver in many ways. Some stories didn’t appeal to me at all, worse, it was a huge letdown from a book that promises so much.

Thank you Rupa Publications for this review copy! 

Fig 1.

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